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      Driving is not just about the driving test but learning a Life Skill!

    Amazingly,  I have been a driver for some 30 years now – how quickly time flies!

    So, why did I decide to become a a driving instructor? Because, not only do I love driving, BUT, I wanted to share the wonderful sense of freedom that been able to drive brings with it.

    That said, I am proud to be a franchisee with RED Driving School. The biggest and best in the country!

    I am patient and easy going and I take great pride in the fact that I get on well with all my students. I am fully qualified and have an excellent record of passes, I believe firmly in getting my students to a far higher standard of driving than the system requires to attain a good pass at the final practical test so far all my passes have had seven faults or less, usually three or four. You are allowed up to 15! Any more than 10 and I would expect to see you again for some extra tuition, just to be sure you are indeed ready for the road!



    Here is an image of my actual badge confirming my credentials.